[radiojove] Radio observing Jupiter from a very special vantage point

Mario Cannistra

Hi all.
I know, long time no speak. Will probably write something about this in the near future. I've been through many things.
I believe the thread below, started by Fabrizio Bernardini (MRO/SHARAD Operations Manager, see bottom) could be interesting for all and specially targeting NASA guys in this group.
Just in case you didn't see it yet in the radiojove mailing list.

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There are some NASA guys in the SUG group so i think you could get replies from them as well.
If you can point me to public rx only data i will certainly have a look.

Il lun 3 ago 2020, 18:32 F. Bernardini (ShOps) <fabrizio.bernardini@...> ha scritto:
Hello Mario,

so far I cannot commit to a cooperation outside the science community. In fact I hoped to raise the interest of some of the NASA guys listed as tutors for this project.

We can use the L1A data (EDR in PDS parlance) and process them, considering a number of constraints related to them. Fact is, however, that this is a project that will require me to plan observations in receive only mode and I can do that only if officially supported by the science community. If I got a science community interest then I can also add to the group some “volunteers” to help.

I removed to this trail the list address, until a decision is taken.

We never did any activity like this before. But since some receive only data are public I could point you to those and see if you can “see” anything useful (the geometry could have been completely wrong however).



PS The article was in “Sperimentare”.

Il giorno 03 ago 2020, alle ore 18:18, Mario Cannistrà <mariocannistra@...> ha scritto:

Hello Fabrizio, Jim, Jake, all.
I'm certainly interested in a data comparison with the output of your instrument.
I have some old spectrograph data backed up and am planning to restart, raising my antenna again with a new version of sw.
Would new data be published through PDS or made accessible in some other way?
I just read of the instrument specs, very simple, LNA + filters + gain control + ADC, no LO, etc.
Will the output format be the same of the radargrams ?
raw or post-processed ?
I-Q pairs as floats?
There's a group of people running spectrographs (SUG) that I think would be happy to convert to/from your file format and make a first comparison...
Do you already have some example Jupiter data file to share ?  I mean ... received signals unrelated with the onboard radar chirp TX...

BTW: was that article in "L'Astronomia" magazine (Hack,Lamberti), probably signed by I4BBE Gianfranco Sinigaglia ? If yes, I got my interest in the same way...


On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 12:53 AM F. Bernardini (ShOps) via radiojove <radiojove@...> wrote:
Dear all,

I was looking for some information regarding the radio spectrum emitted by Jupiter when I found your RadioJove project. It was actually meeting again an old acquaintance of mine, as ham radio operator and also because when I was much younger that I am today I started my interest in electronics when I saw an article in a newsstand regarding how to build your own radio-telescope.

Going quickly to the point, today I am the operations manager of a radar instrument onboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is of course orbiting Mars. If you do not know it already, my instrument as a receive only mode that samples the band from 15 to 25MHz using a full-size dipole and a sampling rate of 26.667 MHz.

I would be interested in exploring the possibility of using it to analyze Jovian emissions in that part of the band. Do you think this may be helpful for your research or anyway interesting to you?

Best regards,

Fabrizio Bernardini
MRO/SHARAD Operations Manager
INAF/IPAS Affiliate
PSI Affiliate Engineer